equine reconnect
equine reconnect

Bit and Bridle Fitting

This page is being updated will full information, in the meantime please feel free to contact me


I am excited to add Lantra Certified Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultations to my other modalities.


My aim is to help your horse to be the best they can be, allowing better mutual communication with them from the ground and when being ridden.


Prior to any adjustments or changes to bits / bridles even being considered, I look at the horse holistically and from an Equine Therapist’s perspective.

Using only soft and gentle movements we will go through some body checks to see if there are any areas of restriction or discomfort.


Also assessed are the structures of the head and mouth, and if necessary, through Iridology I will look into the eyes as they can also show valuable information.


These checks help provide a solid foundation for any alterations or changes I may recommend.