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equine reconnect

Session Fees

If I could do this for free - I would !!!


Realistically, I do have to try and cover my costs.

My fees are set very carefully so as they are always as reasonable and affordable as I can possible make them.


A session usually is around an hour to one and a half hours. The number of sessions varies from horse to horse, on average it is between 1 and 5 sessions. 

Session fee is from £60, plus Travelling expenses where applicable:


Travelling expenses:


My base is near the Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire border, Postcode area NG12


I prefer to quote individually for each location depending on where it is, journey time, how many

sessions etc.


Where distance is involved it is always more cost effective to share the expenses element with others who are either at or near the same location.

This works well when my journeys are to Kent, Essex, and Yorkshire for example, so any area is a possibility if there are enough horses to work with.

Occasionally where there are too many for the same day I stay over in a Travel Lodge or similar.


As always my intention is to keep the costs to the owner/s as low as possible. 


Please feel free to give me a call or email to see what we can work out together

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